Archiving and Restoration

Are your treasured family photos fading away? Is the album that holds your cherished memories yellowing, cracking or peeling?


The time to save them is now.


JAJ Photo can restore and archive your beloved photographs, negatives and slides, and preserve them to be enjoyed for many generations to come. Our team will always treat your family memories with loving care. With more than 25 years in the photofinishing business, your favorite photographs will be handled with respect. Your images never leave our site, and all work is done in-house. You can have peace of mind that your heirlooms will be safely returned to you, along with your newly created digital copies that you can use to make prints, email to family members and share on social media.


It’s a fact that time will alter most pictures, so many need help to touch up damage done through the years. At JAJ Photo, all images are scanned by a person, not with auto-feeding scanners that can damage or destroy your photographs. And each photograph is examined and color-corrected by one of our trusted team members, not by a piece of software.


All images we scan will be:


  • Oriented the correct way
  • Cropped to ensure none of the original image is cut out
  • Receive basic scratch and dust removal
  • Color-corrected, including redeye removal


We also offer full services to repair and restore photos of any age. No matter how old your pictures are, when we’re done they’ll look as good as the day they were taken, if not even better!

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